235 Workers Join the Union!

December 13, 2011 at 6:22pm

Welcome to the Union! Workers from CLS Catering Services voted YES to join the Union on December 8, 2011. Over 235 workers, who prepare meals for major airlines, are now members of Local 175.
Three other Unions previously tried to organize this workplace with little success. Finally a worker from the company researched Unions and contacted UFCW’s organizing department in Mississauga and in just three short weeks a vote was held.
Farman Ali and Amy Tran, Organizing Representatives, said many workers were unaware of their basic rights in the workplace.
Prior to their vote, many workers complained of favouritism and their inability to attain full-time status, even after working at the company for almost a decade. Workers were extremely eager during the campaign and cried tears of joy upon hearing the successful result. In the new year, these member can look forward to a proposal meeting and their first collective agreement. Congratulations!
If you know someone interested in Union membership, click here. If we successfully organize and certify a group of workers because of a lead you call in, you could receive up to $1,250.