UFCW Canada launches campaign to end Bill C-377

March 20, 2012 at 6:21pm

Bill C-377, a private members’ bill, would amend the Income Tax Act as it relates to Labour Organizations. This bill, if passed, would demand all labour organizations – including affiliated benefit plans, pension plans, trust funds, etc., – to file financial reports with the Canadan Revenue Agency (CRA), the details of which would be visible for all on the CRA website.
This bill is unnecessary because the financial details of unions are already open to union members. All this amendment would mean is that the public – including anti-union corporations – would be able to view this info. Most unionized workers are governed by provincial labour codes and that means most Unions have to make their financials availble upon request to the members.
This plan be costly to administer – which means it costs the tax payers more money. There are 25,000 labour-related organizations in the country and they would all have to file extremely detailed reports. One of the reasons the Conservatives dropped the gun registry idea was because of the enormous cost to the tax payers.
So why is this redundant bill even being considered? A conservative estimate is that this will generate additional costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars for Canadian taxpayers. And all it really is, is an attack on labour.
Tell the government not to support Private Member’s Bill C-377 by sending a letter to federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt.