Rexall ratifies

May 24, 2012 at 7:02pm

Members working at Pharmx Rexall and Dell Pharmacies across the province attended meetings held over two days on May 14 and 15, 2012 to review and vote on the terms of their newly negotiated settlement.

Negotiations took place over the course of 10 days in February, April and May, including two days in conciliation. During the course of negotiations Rexall acquired 17 Dell pharmacies, which added an additional 300 members to be covered by this new contract. From the acquisition alone, the Dell workers benefitted from improvements to their benefits and wage increases of up to $3 per hour for some job classifications. These newly acquired pharmacies also include Home Health Care divisions, which were addressed during negotiations and will be covered by this contract as well.

The approximately 1,200 workers achieved a number of improvements in the ratified three-year agreement, which was recommended unanimously by the workers’ negotiating committee.
Both full and part-time workers at the top rate of the wage grid receive increases of 20 cents per hour effective January 2013 January 2014. Full-time and part-time workers above the top rate will receive a lump sum payment of $400 for full-time and $200 for part-time, in years two and three. The on-call premium paid to some Home Health Care classifications will be maintained.
Full-time and part-time employees will now participate in the UFCW Trusteed Dental plan, which will provide improved dental benefits to full-time employees and a brand new benefit to part-time employees who had no dental coverage prior to this settlement. The company will contribute 32 cents per hour worked on behalf of both full and part-time workers toward the UFCW Trusteed Dental Plan. Should the plan trustees require, this amount will increase to 33 cents per hour in the second year of the deal and 34 cents per hour in the third year of the contract term.
Recent legislation regarding a ‘Registered Pharmacy Technician Classification’ (RPHT) required language to establish the requirements for such a position. The filling or creation of a RPHT position will not, however, result in the layoff of a current full-time Pharmacy Assistant.
New language prevents scheduling of part-time that displaces full-time work of 40 hours per week, nor shall part-time workers be hired in a way that displaces or prevents the hiring of a regular full-time worker.
Other language improvements address seniority, grievance & arbitration, bereavement leave and jury duty.
Union Negotiating Committee: Shannon Brody (6955), Heather Campbell (6914), Sue Neadow (8212), Christina Parker (6945), Cathy Simmons (6977), Servicing Rep Jason Hanley, Region 4 Director Sylvia Groom, Executive Assistant to the President Harry Sutton and Local 175 President Shawn Haggerty.