P and H workers approve new deal

June 11, 2012 at 7:55pm

On Sunday, June 10, the members of Local 175 working at P&H Foods in Hanover achieved a new three-year agreement. The more than 250 workers at the plant covered by the ratified contract secured the following improvements.

Workers receive a lump sum payment of $500 in both the first and second year of the contract term with a 30 cent per hour increase to all rates in the third year. Health & Welfare benefits improve with the elimination of the lifetime cap, maintaining a one-year lag on the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) rates, increasing life insurance by a total of $10,000 over the first two years of the contract, improving massage therapy coverage to $500 per year and improving sick leave language.

Bereavement leave language improves to include brother and sister under the 5-day entitlement provision, which were previously covered under the 3-day entitlement. Other language improvements address job posting and ‘no contracting out.’

The workers’ annual boot allowance increases to $170 in the first year and $180 in the third year of the contract.

Union Negotiating Committee: Mike Banks, Jeff Beitz, Ray Dempsey, Bruce Dosman, Sheila Weppler and Union Rep Tim Deelstra.