Hunter Douglas workers ratify

November 21, 2012 at 9:02pm

The 90 members of Local 175 working at Hunter Douglas in Brampton had the opportunity to vote on a renewed three-year collective agreement at a ratification meeting held November 15, 2012.

Following eight days of negotiations and three days in conciliation, the bargaining unit achieved a number of improvements including wage increases of 2 per cent per contract year for all rates and classifications with the first of these increases retroactive for hours worked since the expiry of the previous contract.

Temporary transfers exceeding 40 days will be posted should the job continue being required. In addition, workers laid off from their home department but recalled to work in another department will have the option to transfer back to their home department if an opening arises within 40 days of the recall.
Bereavement language improves to include mothers- and fathers-in-law under three days’ paid leave entitlement. For the death of a spouse or child, bereavement leave improves to five paid days.
As of the date of ratification, coverage for orthotics/insoles increases to $300 and the annual physiotherapy coverage improves to $1,150. Dental benefits increase to $1,600 per calendar year and the vision plan also improves to provide $375 per family per 24-month period.
Enhanced severance language provides two week’s pay for each completed year of service and benefit continuation for six months.
Union Negotiating Committee: Binh Lam, Savitri Latchman, Gurprem Vander and Union Rep Matt Davenport.