Stand up against Bill C-377!

December 4, 2012 at 9:28pm

Alexandre Boulerice, NDP MP for Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie, has started a petition to stop Bill C-377 from being adopted by Canadian Parliament. On November 26, 2012, Mr. Boulerice tabled a motion to drop Bill C-377 and for the next two hours he spoke about the many problems the Bill presents. You can see highlights of Mr. Boulerice’s filibuster and sign a petition to stop Bill C-377 at Boulerice writes:
“I am opposed to the adoption of Bill C-377 and I ask MPs of the Parliament of Canada to vote against it.
Bill C-377 from Conservative MP Russ Hiebert, aims to force labour organizations to disclose a significant amount of financial and sensitive information. This bill does not mention that unions are democratic organizations and already disclose their financial statements to members who request it.
• This bill will create a mountain of bureaucratic red tape (Approximately 25,000 organizations must submit details of ALL financial transactions over $5,000. Such transactions will then be published on the website of Revenue Canada).
• This bill is extremely expensive (cost estimates vary between $10.6 million and $150 million for the establishment of the registry).
• This bill would violate the protection of privacy (the disclosure of of information of private nature is at the heart of this bill).”