New collective agreement for Canlyte workers

December 8, 2012 at 9:26pm

Workers at Canlyte met on December 8, 2012 to discuss the terms of their new collective agreement and hold a ratification vote. The 192 full-time workers at the Cornwall facility, which manufactures light fixtures, benefit from a number of improvements in the three-year deal.

End rates improve by 1% over the course of the first year. Subsequent increases of 1.5% in the second year and a total of 2% in the third year apply to the whole wage grid. The 2nd Shift will now be scheduled for four days at 10 hours per day. Holiday pay will be paid at 8 hours per day. Where Statutory Holidays fall on a Friday or Saturday, those employees on the 2nd Shift will be paid 40 hours (Mon-Thurs) plus the stat holiday pay.

Benefit coverage provides $300 toward vision care, including eye exams, $85 per visit for massage therapy to a maximum of $500, and dental includes 100% coverage for fillings.
Other improvements include increases to the workers’ boot and clothing allowances, to $150 and $120 respectively. Bereavement leave entitlement now includes sisters- and brothers-in-law. For the purposes of scheduling vacation, in departments with fewer than 17 employees, up to 17% of those employees per shift, per department may be off at one time.
Union Negotiating Committee: John Bergeron, Jonathan Brown, Sue Brunette, Louise Loiselle, Michel St-Andre and Union Rep Shannon Epp.