1st Collective Agreement ratified by workers at Barrington Retirement Home

November 28, 2013 at 9:35pm


The 20 health care providers at the Barrington Retirement Home in Barrie met on November 26, 2013 to review and vote on their first collective agreement. Workers in the bargaining unit join 3,000 other members of the Local 175 Health, Office & Professional Employees (HOPE) Sector.

Included in this two-year deal are wage increases totalling 4% and long-service award lump sums of $200 at five years, and another $200 for 10 years. Part-time workers with 30 hours or more bi-weekly will now qualify for benefits, and all employees will be eligible for sick leave payout.

Language set out in this new contract includes restrictions on contracting out and managers performing bargaining unit work. A grievance procedure protects workers against violations of the agreement by giving them a procedure to file and gain resolution to a complaint. Further improvements for the workers include a sunset clause, time limits on discipline, steward representation, seniority rights for vacation and job postings, layoff recall, improved bereavement leave, and a master schedule.
Workers receive two 15-minute breaks after six hours of work. Overtime will be paid after 80 hours of work bi-weekly, and there will be a minimum four hours’ pay for workers called in. Vacation language provides up to five weeks paid vacation. Full-time vacation is based on a worker’s length of service and part-time vacation is based on hours of work: 1700 hours is equivalent to one year of service. An additional float day has been added, bringing the total to three per year.
The employer will pay up to $25 for medical notes requested from employees. The company will also contribute $500 toward the UFCW Locals 175 & 633 Training & Education Fund.
Union Negotiating Committee: Diana Hollett, Kelly Sharpe, and Union Rep Chris Fuller.