Community health workers at CTCHC have new contract

December 12, 2013 at 9:23pm

The 40 members at the Central Toronto Community Health Centre (CTCHC), Queen West Clinic, secured a three-year agreement at a ratification meeting held December 10, 2013.Employees will receive increased RRSP contributions of $4,800 per year (pro-rated to FTE) from the company. Any surplus of employee benefit dollars will be divided among all active employees (pro-rated to FTE). The Wellness Benefit increases to $350 (pro-rated to FTE), up from $200.
The Professional Development allowance increases to $800 per year in the last year of the contract and there is additional language improvements regarding this as well.
Workers receive bicycle reimbursement of $150 per year, up from $120. Mileage reimbursement for work-related travel increases to 50 cents/km effective date of ratification. This amount improves to 65 cents/km in the third year of the contract term.
Improved recognition language enhances contract coverage and provisions for both contract and project staff. Other language improvements address personal leave, hours of work and overtime, paid vacation and sick leave carryover.
Members at this facility belong to the Health, Office & Professional Employees (HOPE) sector of Local 175.
Union Negotiating Committee: Lorraine Barnaby, Filomena Gonzales, Julianne Kingelin and Union Rep Mona Bailey.