First collective agreement for Shandiz workers

May 23, 2014 at 2:26pm

UFCWL175Shandiz-May2014The members at Shandiz Natural Foods in Markham have ratified their first collective agreement as Union members with UFCW Local 175.

The workers, who produce organic granola bars, won their vote to join the Union last year. In addition to language establishing a grievance procedure, seniority rules, and much more, the contract also provides a number of financial and other improvements over the previous working conditions.
The four-year deal will see the creation of a new pay grid, which includes a number of improvements including wage increases and lump sum payments totalling 2.5% in each year of the contract term.

Vacation entitlement improves to provide three weeks after five years of service, and four weeks after 10 years of service. Workers also now receive 10 paid holidays each year, plus an eleventh float day effective the third year of the deal. The company will also agree to maintain the level of health and welfare benefits for the duration of the contract.

The workers will now be represented by four Union Stewards, including one Chief Steward, who will work to ensure the provisions of the collective agreement are upheld.

Union Negotiating Committee: Jieg Guieb, Stephen Guo, Thanigiasalam Kanapathippillai, and Union Rep Dave White.