Dainty Foods Windsor ratifies new agreement

March 12, 2015 at 11:25am

On March 7, 2015 a new agreement was ratified with a term of one year. Each employee will receive a $1250.00 lump sum payment.

Improvements to the agreement include: a deleted “essential service” clause in the event of a labour dispute, increase recall rights for junior employees, the “back-up spice operator” position to be posted, and dues check-off language will be incorporated into the collective agreement.

There will be 30 minutes permitted to the Chief Steward for the purposes of introducing new employees to the stewards. The Chief Steward will have 2 hours per week for union business and the plant committee will be granted 4 days paid leave for union business per year.

Negotiating Committee: Marcel Marcotte, Jessie Hubley, Peter Zuiderveen Union Representative Wendy Absolom, Director Luc Lacelle.

Note: two weeks prior to conciliation the business was sold to “Marbour S.A.S.” a privately owned company from France. “Dainty Foods”, Windsor plant was part of that sale. The transaction is subject to shareholder approval and closing conditions. Marbour is the third largest rice producer and distributor in Europe and is looking to expand its presence in North America.