Three-year deal ratified by members at Gensteel

December 9, 2015 at 10:20am

On December 1, 2015, the members at Gensteel Doors in Cornwall ratified a new three-year collective agreement.

Employees hired prior to October 25, 2012 receive increases to their hourly rate totalling $1.50 over the term of the contract. Those hired after October 25, 2012 receive increases totalling 95 cents per hour over the three-year term. All employees on payroll as of ratification receive an additional lump sum payment of $150. A new shift premium of $1 per hour will be paid to employees assigned to Forklift, and improved language ensures all employees are allowed two 15-minute paid rest periods during their shift.

New language ensures that the start rate will not fall below minimum wage plus 25 cents per hour, and minimum wage plus 50 cents per hour after probation. Workers benefit from a new safety boot/clothing allowance of up to $70 for those with less than one year of service, and up to $140 per 24-month period for those with a year of service or more.

Union Negotiating Committee: Joseph Hirst and Union Rep Daniel Mercier.