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About Us

The United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) is one of the largest and most respected Unions in North America with over 1.5 million members. Over 230,000 workers belong to UFCW Canada. Of that number, approximately 66,000 belong to Locals 175 & 633 - the largest UFCW local and the largest of any Union local in Canada.

Local 175 represents workers in retail, hospitality, health care (many of whom belong to the Health, Office & Professional Employees - or HOPE - sector), manufacturing and industrial packaging, among other sectors, while Local 633 represents meat cutters. This combination makes for a very diverse Union.

In return for union dues, members benefit from a democratic Union with staff dedicated to achieving the best collective agreements and providing educational opportunities, including scholarships, at no additional charge. Under the leadership of President Shawn Haggerty, Locals 175 & 633 provide some of the best wages, health coverage, pension benefits and workplace safety measures.

Every aspect of negotiation, ratification, elections and policy making involves the members. Members elect the positions of President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recorder and the Executive Board Vice Presidents for both Local 175 and Local 633.
The large number of Vice Presidents ensures excellent geographic and sector-specific representation. Full-time staff include Regional Directors, Union Representatives, Legal Counsel, Organizers, Educational Instructors, Benefits Representatives and Communications Representatives.

The staff, working out of regional offices in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa, Hamilton, Cambridge and the main office in Mississauga, work closely with more than 2,200 Union Stewards in over 900 workplaces. Locals 175 & 633 staff members are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our families, neighbours and communities.


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