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Community Action Network

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Chinese New Year celebration!
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The Community Action Network (CAN) celebrates the diversity and multiculturalism of the Local’s members. President Shawn Haggerty is dedicated to embracing the many unique cultures that make up our Union. Throughout the year, CAN organizes and sponsors a wide variety of events and programs to highlight the communities of our members.
Many of our members are new to Canada and we understand the challenges and difficulties they may experience. Members may not be aware of the labour laws in place to protect them and their right to unionize. We are committed to educating members on their rights in the workplace, as well as providing information about settling in Canada. We are working towards expanding our services in this area – stay tuned!

The Local Union takes part in Pride events in Hamilton & Toronto! Last year, from June 9 – June 19, the Women & Liminal Committee along with community partners, including Locals 175 & 633, hosted a ten-day series of events during "HammerPride." The aim was to host events that were women and trans positive, and could accurately showcase the many experiences within the LGBTQ communities.

The Community Action Network made a donation to the organization which enabled them to organize high quality events including the OUT
spoken Poetry Slam and the third annual Women & Trans march, which affirmed the importance of our united struggle for our rights in our communities and society at large.


Worker`s Rights Cards
Workers’ Rights Cards - This exciting initiative gives a quick, easy-to-understand overview of rights in the workplace in a variety of languages. 
  • English
  • English (non-Union member)
  • Chinese
  • Punjabi
  • Tagalog

    Check out our newest flyer on how to build a CAN Committee at your workplace!

    View our brochure for more information:

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    LGBTQ Resources
    Toronto is hosting World Pride 2014 and we will be there!
    Check out the World Pride 2014 website for details as we get closer to the event.
    ** Please note, we’ve tried to include as many resources as we can find below for smaller communities/regional centres. If you don’t see your town listed below, please contact the one closest to you as they should be able to get you in touch with someone in or near your community.**
    • The Well (LGBTQ Community Wellness Centre of Hamilton)



    Quick Links

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    Mission Statement
    United through diversity... it is our mission to: 
    ♦ Strengthen our Local Unions and the level of service to the members within our Local Unions by building on the principles of commitment, respect, justice and equality for all our members, while representing and supporting the multiculturalism and diversity of our membership. 
    ♦ Continue reaching out to and building relationships with organizations and community groups that share Locals’ 175 & 633 values and commitment to our members’ participation in and contributions to their communities outside the workplace for the betterment of all our members’ lives and our Local Unions.
    ♦ Work jointly with community groups and organizations to educate members, stewards and staff about circumstances and issues that affect our diverse membership and help them develop as community leaders to improve the everyday lives of their co-workers and communities.


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