UFCW Local 175 President Shawn Haggerty

Shawn Haggerty

President, Local 175 UFCW Canada

Fall 2018: Labour Day is a Call to Action

The Labour Movement is about making sure the many voices of working people get heard by those that seek to dictate working conditions to those very workers. Employers rely on your work. Without employees, there is no profit.

Labour Day, to me, is not a holiday. It’s not a long weekend. It’s a day to take to the streets and parks with your community and family. It’s an opportunity to reconnect humanity to work.

How often do we think about how our livelihoods are connected to the rest of the workforce, the economy, and the Labour movement? Labour Day lets us see the faces of our family, friends, and neighbours behind the work.

Whether sharing food at a BBQ or picnic, watching your children play together at one of the many celebrations, or walking shoulder to shoulder as you march through your city and town with Union pride: Labour Day is about the strength and commonality found in our communities.

We need to remind ourselves that there are families affected by unemployment and job cuts. There are mothers and fathers behind those precarious, low-paying jobs. There are teenagers – our children – whose health and safety is on the line every day because of poor training and employers who exploit their newness to the working world.

Unions seek to bring back the humanity in day-to-day work and give working people a voice in how to make that

The Labour Movement strives to make sure that all work is decent. Decent means respecting the worth of the person providing the labour, service, and experience to an employer.

Because, all work has value.

Labour Day celebrates the achievements and gains made through the hard work, unity and strength of working people just like you. We can show our strength and commitment to workers’ rights through our participation in events to mark the day, and by raising up other workers throughout the rest of the year.

That means pointing out inequalities when you see them. It means supporting the causes of other working people in their fight to achieve decent wages, benefits, hours, and more. It means recognizing the value of your Union family and the Labour community.

Building community is the driving force behind organizing campaigns: Bringing people together with similar concerns, facing the same challenges at work, at the mercy of the same boss. The only way an organizing drive succeeds, is if those workers unite.

Relying on each other and the strength of solidarity is what helps bring new members to our Union time and time again. It’s what helped achieve success for the members at Bayfield Manor and Dr. Oetker’s. You can read more about those two victories for workers here.

A sense of community brings worth to its members. Feeling worth and pride in what you do is valuable to your well-being.

Every single thing we buy, use, live in, drive in, take as transit, wear, eat, watch, or otherwise consume in any number of ways, is produced by the hands of working people in some way.

Let Labour Day remind us of the blood, sweat, and muscle of the people behind the products, and let’s celebrate the value of all that work and the humanity behind it.

In Solidarity,

Shawn Haggerty
President, Local 175 UFCW Canada

UFCW Local 175 Secretary-Treasurer Kelly Tosato

Kelly Tosato

Secretary-Treasurer, Local 175 UFCW Canada

Fall 2018: The generosity of our Members

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month. It’s a time to celebrate the breakthroughs in research and patient care that organizations like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLSC) work toward with funds raised by people like the Members of this Union.

We were honoured this year to contribute $241,756.33 to the total of more than $2.5 million raised by UFCW nation-wide. Every year, I am moved by the number of volunteers and the generosity of our communities at the Locals’ fundraising events. Thank you to everyone that participates and gives so much of their time and money.

The Union is proud to award four prizes annually to members who achieve an outstanding level of giving back and taking part in something larger than themselves. You can see the full details on how to nominate someone here (deadline is November 1, 2018).

One of the awards celebrates members who dedicate time and effort to raising money for the LLSC. As you can tell from the photos in Checkout and online, there is no shortage of members who fit this criterion.

Another award goes to members who advocate for the Union and their co-workers. This can include excellent stewardship, and those that make sure their co-workers know about the Union and their collective agreement. These people make sure Members know their rights.

The third award recognizes Members who fight to make sure their co-workers are safe at work. This includes enforcing health and safety regulations and bringing up potential hazards with their employer, and assisting injured or ill co-workers in return to work programs.

The fourth award goes to those who step outside of our Union family to help other groups, charities or causes. Our Members do a lot of good in their communities and some even travel the world to volunteer at events or schools, or to make sure impoverished people or communities have supplies and financial support.

The Union often features Members and Stewards on Instagram and Facebook, as well as on the website. Some profiles show our Members at work and others feature the volunteerism and good deeds done by so many. I’m happy to see these stories getting a lot of likes and shares. It shows me that the community around these individuals appreciates their contributions and hard work too.

Acts of kindness and good deeds don’t have to be on a huge scale to make a difference. Often, it’s the small things and personal interactions that are the most rewarding.

In fact, in this issue we feature the Members at Maplewood Long-Term Care Home in Brighton. The story, on page 14 of the Fall 2018 issue of Checkout, is full of all the ways these hardworking health care providers go out of their way to support each other, their community, and brighten the days of their residents.

If you have a story about a Member of UFCW Locals 175 & 633 that goes out of their way to support their co-workers, community, or charity, please speak to your Union Rep! We’d love to feature them!

Giving back is important all year. But, as we approach winter, life becomes more difficult for many. Now is the time to go through your winter gear and donate what you can to shelters or charities in your community. It’s the time to make sure the elderly or neighbours in need don’t get forgotten. It’s the time to support or volunteer with outreach programs that help bring people in out of the cold. And, as always, food banks can use supplies, support, and volunteers.

Giving back can be about giving your time freely to listen, assist, or do tasks that are needed. It can be about raising money for those in need or supporting charities close to your heart. Sometimes it’s about sharing knowledge. And all of these things can happen in small ways, every day.

Thank you to all of our Union Members who take the time to make their communities and the world a better place. Your Union appreciates you.

In Solidarity,

Kelly Tosato
Secretary-Treasurer, UFCW Local 175


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Health Care Sector
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Officers of Local 175

Shawn Haggerty – President
Kelly Tosato – Secretary-Treasurer
Karen Vaughan – Recorder
Sylvia Groom – Executive Assistant to the President
Luc Lacelle – Executive Assistant to the President
Jim McLean – Executive Assistant to the President

Officers of Local 633

May Chalmers – President
Marylou Mallett – Secretary-Treasurer
Brian Kozlowski – Recorder

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