Carriage House workers ratify

January 26, 2010 at 5:40pm

At a ratification meeting on January 25, 2010, members working at The Carriage House in Oshawa secured their new three year collective agreement. Our members will benefit from the following improvements:

  • Wages increase 32 cents across the board to all rates and classifications during each year of the contract. As of March 31, 2010, the server start rate increases to $10.25, up from $9.75.
  • The employer will now reimburse full-time staff up to $50 for protective footwear, and all members will benefit from improved Health and Safety language.
  • Family Day is now a recognized paid holiday.
  • An employee’s birthday will be scheduled as a day off with pay.
  • An employee with 10 or more years of service is now entitled to four weeks vacation, paid out at 8%.
  • If a member has Christmas Day or New Years Day off, the employer will schedule that member off the day before both holidays.
  • The employer will now split the cost of meeting rooms during negotiations.
  • The employer will continue their annual contribution of $300 to the Training & Education Fund.

Negotiating Committee: Natalie Mahaffy, Margaret Michaels and Union Representative Mona Bailey.