Members at Gerrard Street Price Chopper ratify

January 31, 2010 at 5:39pm

On January 31, 2010, the bargaining unit at Gerrard Street Price Chopper in Scarborough achieved a new three-year collective agreement, which provides the following improvements for the approximately 90 members:

  • Workers receive lump sum payments of $175 for full-time and $100 for part-time in both January and July of each year covered by the contract term.
  • The employer will allocate a portion of its regular Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CCWIPP) contributions to the CCWIPP Stabilization Fund for the duration of the deal.
  • Dental plan contributions increase to 32 cents per hour effective ratification and increase to 38 cents per hour in January 2011.
  • Vision care coverage increases to $150 per 24-month period for both full and part-time workers.
  • Family Day in now included as a paid holiday for those workers employed as of the date of ratification.

Union Negotiating Committee: Ursula Elliot, Mac Jackson and Union Rep Angela Mattioli.