Richelieu Hosiery members ratify

February 10, 2010 at 5:53pm

Local 175 members working at Richelieu Hosiery in Cornwall met on February 9, 2010 to vote on a negotiated settlement that will take them through the next three years. The approximately 30 member-bargaining unit achieved the following:

  • Wages increase by 3 per cent in year one, 2 per cent in year two and an additional 2 per cent in year 3 of the contract.
  • Motorized Lifting Device Operators will receive an hourly premium of 50 cents.
  • Family Day has been added as a paid holiday with additional language to recognize any future paid holidays declared by the federal or provincial government.
  • Those with 10 years’ service now qualify for four weeks vacation, instead of the previous 11 years required.
  • Additionally, those with 15 years’ service now receive five weeks vacation at 10 per cent pay. Worker entitled to four or more weeks of vacation will be able to use up to one week as individual days.
  • Workers benefit from improved language regarding grievance procedure and steward representation.
  • Stewards will receive 30 minutes paid time to hold an introductory meeting with each new employee.
  • New language limits the employer’s right to request documentation for absences of less than three consecutive day, or missing fewer than 12 events in a 12-month period.

Union Negotiating Committee: Rick Brimm, Elizabeth Deschamps and Union Rep Daniel Mercier.