Bick’s workers approve renewal

March 7, 2010 at 7:16pm

The more than 180 workers that make up the bargaining unit at Bick’s Pickles (Smuckers) in Dunnville, have secured a new three-year collective agreement. At a meeting held March 6, 2010, members voted to ratify the new deal, which includes the following improvements to wages and other contract language:

  • Current full-time workers covered by Appendix A receive lump sum payments of $250 each year of the contract term.
  • Those covered by Appendix B receive an annual increase of 1.5 per cent plus the $250 lump sum in each year with several classifications receiving an additional increase in the first year of between 56 cents and $1.01 per hour.
  • Part-time benefits increase to $400, up from $300, which can be rolled over to a maximum of $800 at any one time.
  • Dental plan coverage will correspond with current Ontario Dental Association (ODA) fees.
  • Part-time workers are now eligible to participate in the pension plan and any part-time worker retiring within the term of the contract will remain eligible for a lump sum of $1,700.
  • Employees attending company meetings or other work related activities as defined in the agreement receive pay at their regular rate or overtime rate if the hours exceed the normal workweek.
  • Maintenance Department Tradesmen receive a tool allowance of $350 per year, up from $225, and all workers receive an annual safety shoe allowance of $175 per year, up from $130.
  • Family Day has now been added as a paid holiday.
  • Bereavement leave improves to provide five days, up from three, for the death of an immediate family member and three days, up from two, for other family members as defined in the agreement.
  • Language improvements address seniority and shift preference, overtime and job filling.

Union Negotiating Committee: Wanda Dowling, Suzanne Glover, Joanne Hannigan, Dave MQuillen, Janie Terreberry and Union Rep Tim Deelstra.