Orbis Canada workers vote in favour of three-year contract

August 9, 2010 at 8:25pm

On August 8, 2010, the 120 members at Orbis Canada (formerly Norseman Plastics) in Etobicoke secured a three-year collective agreement. This was the first set of negotiations between Local 175 and the Orbis Corporation, which purchased Norseman Plastics from the Walton family in 2009.

The parties met on seven different dates in negotiations and twice in conciliation to reach the agreement the members ratified. The highlights include:

  • Wage increases range from 2.1 to 2.6 per cent per year depending on job classification.
  • Workers receive an increase of 25 per cent to their safety shoe allowance.
  • Employer contributions to the employee’s health & welfare plan and dental plan increase by 43 per cent in the first year, 6 per cent in the second year and another 6 per cent in the third year.
  • Language improvements address union representation, union visitation, grievance procedure, seniority, layoffs, hours of work and job posting procedures.
  • Additional improvements cover scheduling, job rotation, training, negotiations, discipline, the implementation of direct deposit for pay and a letter of understanding establishing a ‘no discrimination’ policy in the workplace.
  • The company’s contribution to the Local 175 Training & Education Fund increases by 11 per cent.
  • The employer will also pay $500 per year toward the cost of printing collective agreements.

Union Negotiating Committee: Muhammad Butt, Roopwant Chohan, Harpreet Singh and Union Rep Anthony DiMaio.