Worker at BFI ratify 3-year contract

December 10, 2010 at 9:32pm

At a ratification meeting held on December 9, 2010, the bargaining unit at BFI, formerly Ridge Landfill, in Blenheim voted in favour or a new collective agreement. The three-year term includes the following:
  • Wages increase across the board by 3 per cent in each year of the collective agreement.
  • Vision care coverage increases to $300 per 24-month period plus up to $75 toward an eye exam.
  • Grandchildren have been added to the clause providing three day’s bereavement leave.
  • Improved Health & Safety language states that any incidents will be investigated by the employer as soon as possible and within three days of the occurrence.
  • Language for new job postings now allows for a 30-day trial period for the company and employee.
  • If the employer requests a medical certificate/doctor’s note, the employer will cover the cost.

Union Negotiating Committee: Harry Jenner, Chris Osborne, Ed Wammes and Union Rep Wendy Absolom.