Aramark Canada workers join the Union

October 14, 2011 at 5:38pm

Custodial workers from Seneca College in King City have joined the Union. Members ratified their first contract on October 13 with Aramark Canada Ltd. The three-year deal increases wages and gives members access to the benefits and security of Union membership. Workers now have an established grievance procedure, Stewards, seniority designations and a written procedure for job postings. In case of layoffs, this agreement sets out rules for recalling members and protecting those workers with seniority. If a member requires personal leave, a set process is in place for this time-off, as well as sick leave and bereavement leave. Wages will also increase in each year of the contract. In the first year they will rise by 30 cents, by 25 cents in the second year and again by 30 additional cents in the last year of the contract.

Union Representative: Linval Dixon