New Contract for PXL Cross Linked Foam Corp.

December 16, 2011 at 6:18pm

PXL Cross Linked Foam Corp. in Cobourg has a new 18-month deal. On December 15, members voted to ratify a contract that includes increased wages, premiums and more. In the new year all workers will receive a 2.5% increase in pay and a further 3% in the second year of the deal. Members will now be given their birthday as a paid holiday. Members who join the Employer RSP program will have their 4% contribution matched by the employer. Several premiums are also increased. The Heavy Density premium is doubled from $0.25 per hour to $0.50. Members who work short-handed will be paid a premium of $2.00 per hour. There is now a premium of $0.25 per hour for time worked between 3pm and 6:59pm. Members working beyond their 8-hour shift will be given a 15-minute paid break. Those who require prescription safety glasses will be reimbursed $100 every two years. The Christmas bonus is increased from $30 to $125. Members are also enrolled in L.P.I. Group LawNET, which provides legal assistance and advice.

Negotiating Committee: Timothy Conway & Matt Todish; Union Representative: Chris Fuller