Cargill Dunlop Ratifies Contract

February 10, 2012 at 5:46pm

After a long and difficult negotiation, members at Cargill Dunlop in Guelph ratified a four-year Collective Agreement. The deal was reached through mediation on February 4th, 2012 . Members will receive a $500 lump sum in the first year of the deal and $0.30 per hour in the second and third year. In the last year of the contract they will receive an additional $0.35 per hour. The limit on short term disability was raised to $485 per week. Life insurance coverage was raised to $60,000 from $50,0000. The company has decided to introduce flex workers. However, full-time jobs are still secure and these new workers will be covered under the terms of the collective agreement. In terms of scheduling, members are still guaranteed 40 hours of work per week for 42 weeks of the year. They will be guaranteed 32 hours for the remaining 10 weeks. The Health & Safety Co-Chair will be given four hours off the line to handle health and safety issues per day. This will give them time to conduct investigations, audits, answer members questions and address concerns. Lastly, there are improvements to the pension plan. The employer contribution rises to $0.75 per hour.

Negotiating committee members: Rick Daudlin, Dan Guillemette, Sharon Daudlin, Peter Camilleri, Andy Croft, Rudy Gwinner, Shawn Jones, Bob Monroe & Brian Reid. Union Representative: Kevin Dowling.