Zellers Members Ratify Contract

February 13, 2012 at 5:35pm

Members at Zellers ratified a new Collective Agreement during meetings held February 5 and 12, 2012. The three-year deal includes wage increases and new contract language. Full-time workers will receive a $200 signing bonus and part-time members will be given $100. In the next two years they will receive a 1% wage increase each year for both full and part-time members who have at least 12 months of service with the Company. The new contract states that performance reviews will not be tied to wage increases. Full-time members who reach the 25 years of service milestone with the company will be entitled to 6 weeks of vacation that year.

As Target plans to convert Zellers stores in the coming year, store closure was addressed in the Collective Agreement. The Union and the employer outlined a closure processes that is included in the contract. The company will provide the union with as much notice as possible, with 21 weeks given as a minimum, for the store’s closing. During this time the company will continue its normal practice in terms of granting vacation time. Any outstanding vacation pay accrued upon the closure will be paid out. Notice of termination will be given in order of reverse seniority for both full and part-time members. The company will provide severance pay to all workers according to the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Full-time workers with more than 20 years of service will be given 110% of their ESA entitlement.   Full-time members with more than 25 years of service will be given 125%. Part-time members who are over the age of 50 and have 20 or more years of service will be given 110% of their entitlement and those with 25 years will be given 125%. Workers who are on a leave of absence and receiving WSIB benefits will continue to do so for as long as they are eligible. The company will provide comprehensive re-employment assistance through their “Managing your Career” website. The program provides assistance in preparing resumes, job search strategies, interview skills and more.

Once members receive the 8-weeks’ notice that their store is closing, they can accept another job offer and as long as they give the company their two-weeks’ notice in writing, they are still entitled to their severance package.

The Local Union is taking all available legal steps to protect Zellers members. For more information on the situation and how you can get involved visit:

Negotiating Committee: Leona Silmser, Betti Decloux, Stephen Campbell, Kathleen Hoeg, DavieToolaram, Barb Macaulay, Doreen Neill, Angela Rankine, Margaret Rae, Edie Moniz, Jayne Gray, Ramdial Naphisa & Elizabeth Foley. Region 1 & 3 Director: Dan Lacroix, Region 2 Director: Kelly Tosato