Locals 175 and 633 members raise $230,000!

June 11, 2012 at 7:46pm

On Friday, June 8, more than 600 people gathered at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to celebrate another year of record-breaking fundraising by UFCW members. [photos]

The event, hosted by Herbie Kuhn – the Voice of the Toronto Raptors – incorporated live entertainment and of course, the unveiling of each Local Union’s totals and the nation-wide fundraising tally.

Lia, the niece of Local 175 member Elaine Collier, is the poster child for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. Lia had hoped to be able to make it to the night’s festivities but due to her most recent treatment, she wasn’t feeling quite up to the trip. Her grandfather spoke to the crowd to update everyone on the great progress Lia is making and gave a moving thank-you to everyone for their ongoing hard work on behalf of the LLS.

Harry Sutton, Executive Assistant to the President, spoke to the crowd about the Local Union’s events. “We are very lucky to have such generous, dedicated members,” explained Harry. “I am proud to announce tonight that the members of Locals 175 & 633 have raised $230,000 this year.”

Contributions from Local Unions across the country were announced including Quebec TUAC Locals, which generated $210,000 through their fundraising efforts and Local 12R24, which raised an amazing $1.6 million through their Returns for Leukemia Drive.

This year’s national fundraising total was more than $2.4 million, outdoing last year’s total by more than $400,000.

Thank you to everyone who donates their time, their dedication and their hard-earned money to this great cause throughout the year.