Contracts ratified by health care providers at the Wellington Retirement and Nursing homes

June 22, 2012 at 7:39pm

Workers at the Wellington Nursing home ratified a new collective agreement on June 14. The three-year term provides employees with lump sum payments equivalent to 1% of their hourly rate for all hours worked between June 1, 2012 and May 31, 2014, paid in installments over that time frame. In the third year of the contract, all ‘Schedule A’ classifications receive a wage increase of 1.75%. Also effective in the third year, the company will increase its rate of contribution to the workers’ pension plan by 5 cents per hour. Language improvements address part-time and casual workers.

On June 20, members working at the Wellington Retirement Lodge also voted on a new contract. Their three-year deal includes wage rate increases for all ‘Schedule A’ rates and classifications of 1.5% in each year of the contract term. The hourly premium paid for ‘Red Seal’ work increases to $2 effective July 2012. The company will increase its pension contributions by 2 cents per hour in the second year and by another 3 cents per hour in the third year.

In addition, both bargaining units secured payroll direct deposit beginning in January 2014
Nursing Home Negotiating Committee: Lin Lannen and Union Rep Angela Mattioli.
Retirement Lodge Negotiating Committee: Robert Coulson, Marlene Harrod and Union Rep Angela Mattioli.