Members ratify at Ross’ YIG in Ottawa

December 21, 2012 at 9:21pm

On December 16, 2012, members working at Ross’ Your Independent Grocer (YIG) in Ottawa ratified a new collective agreement that will see them through the next four years.

The end rates for full-time workers improve by 30 cents per hour in each year of the agreement. Part-time end rates increase by 25 cents per hour in each year. The first year’s increase is retroactive for hours worked since the expiry of the previous contract. The safety boot allowance for full-time workers increases to $70 per year, up from $60, and part-time employees receive $70 toward safety boots/shoes every two years. The amount the employer will match in employee RRSP contributions increases to $575 per year.

All workers benefit from the addition of a floater holiday and improved bereavement leave. New language addresses paid leave for the birth/adoption of a child as well as paid leave for Union sponsored health and safety training.
Union Negotiating Committee: Jill Heslip, Franca Johnston, Servicing Rep Jacques Niquet and Union Rep Simon Baker.