Lanning Headwear workers ratify

March 15, 2013 at 8:20pm

Workers at Lanning Headwear in Belleville achieved a new contract after voting in favour of a three-year deal on February 19, 2013. All rates and classifications receive an increase of 25 cents per hour in each year of the contract term. Pension contributions increase a total of 10 cents over the duration of the deal and as of January 2015 the rate of contribution to the workers’ benefit plan also increases.

Bereavement leave improves to include parents and siblings under the 5-days’ paid leave entitlement. Those workers with 23 years of service or more, instead of the previous 23 years required, receive up to five weeks of vacation paid at 10%.

Union Negotiating Committee: Thuy Nguyen and Union Rep Marilyn Lang.