New contract ratified by members at United Canadian Malt

April 13, 2013 at 7:46pm

The members at United Canadian Malt in Peterborough met on March 27, 2013, to vote on the terms of their new three-year collective agreement.

The ratified contract includes wage increases of 60 cents per hour in the first year, 65 cents per hour in the second year and another 65 cent per hour in the third year of the contract term. In addition, shift premiums increase to provide 70 cents per hour, up from 65 cents, for afternoon shift, and 90 cents per hour, up from 85 cents, for the midnight shift.

Workers benefit from a 1% increase to their pension and a health & welfare insurance premium that is now 100% paid for by the employer. The number of sick days increases to eleven, up from 9, for the duration of the contract.

Family Day has been added to the list of paid holidays in the contract and there is strengthened language with respect to vacation selection.

Union Negotiating Committee Ryan Cullen, Brian `Homer`Maudsley and Union Rep Chris Fuller.