First collective agreement for Sirens workers

July 16, 2014 at 2:38pm

Over the course of 22 days of meetings, including mediation, the Union Negotiating Committee for members at Sirens clothing store in Brampton was able to reach a memorandum of settlement for the workers’ first collective agreement.

The 32 workers had a ratification meeting on July 11, 2014 during which the deal was ratified.

Rates for existing employees increase by a total of 80 cents per hour over the duration of the agreement, which is equivalent to approximately 2.4% per year. A new wage grid will be put in place for new hires to bring them up to full rate by the end of 48 months.

The deal contains excellent hours of work and scheduling language, which schedules part-time workers by seniority up to 30 hours per week. This top down scheduling ensures the senior employee must be offered their full complement of 30 hours before the employer can offer hours to the next most senior employee in the same manner. Full-time workers have a full benefit plan and five paid sick days per year.

Important language in the collective agreement now provides these workers with a grievance and arbitration procedure, strong seniority language, steward representation, three-hour minimum call-in pay, paid holidays, and just cause protection. In addition, the agreement contains language for health & safety, leaves of absence, job postings, layoff and recall.

Union Negotiating Committee: Diana Aldaz, Summer Ellis, and Organizing Representatives Jeffery Lu, Amy Tran and Coordinator Rick Wauhkonen.