Agreement ratified at Maple Leaf Courtney Park

November 19, 2014 at 11:48am

The more than 200 workers at Maple Leaf Consumer Foods Courtney Park achieved a new collective agreement at a meeting held November 2, 2014.

The five-year agreement includes a new work schedule configuration called an ‘Alternate Work Week.’ The company will be investing between $6 – $8 million in the Courtney Park facility, which will enable growth, new business, and help ensure a more stable future. As the new schedule is rolled out, it will allow for greater product volume.

Wages increase over the contract term by a total of $1.90 per hour for production employees and by a total of $2.40 per hour for maintenance employees. Shift premiums for afternoon work improve to 45 cents per hour, and for night work the premium is now 60 cents per hour. Overtime is now paid on day six and seven, regardless of the hours worked in the work week.

Benefits are now 100% paid by the employer, and life insurance coverage increases to $40,000 as of ratification, and then to $45,000 in year three of the contract. Short-term disability payments now cover 41 weeks, up from the previous 15 weeks, with an Employment Insurance (EI) integration. Bereavement entitlement also improves to provide five days’ paid leave for the death of a parent, spouse or child.

Union Negotiating Committee: Margaret Leung, Robert Scheuler, Jerry Wiercigoch and Union Rep John DiNardo.