Firestone workers ratify three-year deal

April 7, 2015 at 12:49pm

Members of Local 175 working at Firestone Textiles in Woodstock met on March 24, 2015 to vote on a negotiated settlement to renew their collective agreement.

Wages increase over the term of the agreement by $1.05 per hour across the board, with the first increase retroactive for hours worked since December 15, 2014. A new premium of 75 cents per hour will be paid for workers assigned as Team Leader. In addition, overtime will no longer be clawed back when an employee uses an Emergency Leave Day.

Skilled Trades workers receive triple time with a guarantee of four hours pay or work when called-in. Should the company implement an on-call system for Skilled Trades employees, those on call will receive $175/week in addition to one and one half times when called in with a guarantee of‎ 4 hours pay/call-in.

New language helps protect members’ jobs by establishing a policy that prevents work from being contracted to outside workers. The employer will now pay 100% of wages for up to five days for the Negotiating Committee.

Union Negotiating Committee (left to right): Ryan Kirby, Nick Balevski, and Jeff Garland (and Union Rep Rob Nicholas, not pictured).