Metro Ogilvie members achieve new contract

May 9, 2019 at 9:18pm

On May 8, 2019, members of Local 175 working at Metro Ogilvie in Ottawa achieved a new collective agreement that will see them through to January 2022.

The Union Negotiating Committee achieved substantial improvements for the part-time workers at the store. Those part-time employees who work more than 28 hours per week will get a premium of $2 per hour for all hours worked beyond 28 hours. Part-time workers also benefit from minimum hour guarantees of 20 hours per week, up from 18, for those with three years or more of service; and those with five years or more of service will get a minimum of 28 hours per week, up from 20.

Wages for both full and part-time employees will improve over the course of the agreement through lump sums and rate increases. Full-time receive a lump sum of $1,100 in year one followed by a total hourly increase of 80 cents per hour over the remaining three years of the contract term. Part-time will receive a lump sum of $700 in the first year. In the second year, part-time employees will integrate onto a new scale, followed by hourly increase of 30 cents in year three and 25 cents in year four. In addition, part-time workers hired before August 29, 2005, will receive an additional lump sum of $250.

Workers at Metro Ogilvie replacing a manager on nights will receive a Key Premium of $10 per day. Employees replacing a Shipper/Receiver for more than two hours will get a premium of 75 cents per hour over their regular rate.

Members now receive a Drug Card for prescription medication, and 100% coverage for the purchase of generic drugs.

The Short-Term Disability coverage improves by $50 per week to reach a rate of $500. Physiotherapist and psychologist coverage improve by $100 to reach $500 per year. Workers also benefit from improved orthotic/orthopedic shoe coverage of $400 every 24 months.

The boot allowance increases to $100, up from $85; full-time receive this allowance once per year and part-time receive it once every 24 months.

Other improvements include better bereavement language, and the employer will now provide three uniforms per year to full-time, instead of two, and two uniforms to part-time, instead of one.

Lastly, the employer agreed to pay Stewards up to four days’ pay per year to attend Union training and/or conferences. In addition, Union Committee members will receive up to four days per year paid by the employer as well for Health & Safety Training.

Metro Ogilvie members achieve new contractThere are currently 19 full-time and 40 part-time employees covered by the Union contract at Metro Ogilvie.

Union Negotiating Committee: Violet Green, Adrien Lafleche, and Union Reps Shannon Epp and Joe Tenn.

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