Our newest Union retirees!

August 7, 2019 at 4:38pm

Congratulations to our newest union retirees!

Dave Pratt started at Dresden Industrial in January 2004.

Dave Pratt retiree

We had a number of Metro employees retire on July 27, 2019.

Metro 119 retirees

Metro 119

L – R

Brenda Crabbe start date Sept 1985

Robert Afford start date Sept 1980

Cheryl Afford start date July 1986

Metro 199 retirees

Metro 199

L – R

Gary Jewell start date Feb 1985

Dave Crittenden start date Sept 1977

Pam Andryz start date Mar 1990

Nela Crudo start date Aug 1972

Metro 150 retirees

Metro 150

L – R

Fay Melrose start date Jan 1967

Robert Kehoe start date July 1978

Sue Dewey start date May 1977

Metro 118 retirees

Metro 118

L – R

Lynn Palmer start date Nov 1984

Doug Croft start date Apr 1972

Dianne Law start date Apr 1972

Mavis Ryan start date Oct 1980

Metro 247 retirees

Metro 247

L – R

Sophia Kalogeros start date Mar 1974

Betty Adams start date Aug 1981

Metro 139 retirees

Metro 139

L- R

Mike Smith Dairy Dept Head started in 1977

Dan Smith Grocery Dept Head started in 1972


We wish all the retirees a happy retirement!