UFCW Local 175 President Shawn Haggerty

Shawn Haggerty

President, Local 175 UFCW Canada

Winter 2019: A new year ahead and a renewed drive to fight for workers' rights.

No matter which party you vote for, getting out to cast a ballot is an important responsibility each of us has in every election. This year, about 18 million people – around 66% of those registered – turned out to cast their vote. The result, as we all know, saw the re-election of the Liberal party but this time with a minority government.

The Prime Minister must take this as a cautionary note that people want more, they want better from his leadership. Going forward, the Liberal party will have to work with the other parties to pass legislation. I am hopeful this may mean working with the NDP to achieve more progress for workers’ rights and human rights at a national level.

For this year’s Federal Election, the Local Union trained and sent Members out to speak to other Members about the issues that are important to working people.

I was very proud to see the drive and dedication these Members showed for engaging people in meaningful conversations. For the four weeks leading up to Election Day, they spoke to their Union Sisters, Brothers, and Friends about making a commitment to vote, and about where their local candidates stood on important issues. They worked toward finding common ground where they could, and listened to understand when they found disagreement.

This Member-to-Member campaign was a great success and, most importantly, it got people talking about politics. Because we know, no matter how political someone is, that politics still affect the daily lives of every one of us.

The provincial government continues to be a major concern for working people.

On October 28, your Union stood with the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) and many Unions and community activists to remind Doug Ford of the damage he and his party have caused to the people of Ontario so far.

Recently, your Union fought back against Bill 124 which threatens the collective bargaining rights of a number of Unionized public sector workers. This includes about 3,500 members of Local 175 who work in health care and social services, and on university/college campuses.

This anti-worker legislation, tabled by the Conservatives in June and passed in early November, is frustratingly called the Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, 2019. But what this Bill really seeks to do is limit wage increases before bargaining even has a chance to begin for these workers. This Bill tramples on the rights of these workers to bargain collectively in good faith to achieve the best agreement. That’s a right guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Add to that, Ontario’s annual rate of inflation last year was 2.3%. The cap in Bill 124 is 1% per year for three years. That’s less than half of inflation.

Yet, back in June, around the same time the Conservatives introduced Bill 124, Ford increased the number of parliamentary assistants on the payroll, and increased their compensation by $16,600 per year on top of their already six-figure salaries.

Which people does this government actually work for? As we end the year, we must keep asking this question.

It’s vital that all working people continue to stand up and fight back against cuts that hurt our children in the schools and our family members who need health care, as well as policies that threaten our Charter Rights and Freedoms and put the livelihoods of working people in jeopardy.

I hope the holiday season is safe, happy, and healthy for everyone. I look forward to a new year filled with renewed hope, solidarity, and drive to work hard to protect workers’ rights and continue to build a stronger labour movement.

In Solidarity,

Shawn Haggerty
President, Local 175 UFCW Canada

UFCW Local 175 Secretary-Treasurer Kelly Tosato

Kelly Tosato

Secretary-Treasurer, Local 175 UFCW Canada

Winter 2019: Union Stewards, Building a stronger Union from within

At our Local Union, we're lucky to have more than 2,300 Union Stewards volunteering their time daily to help protect our members' rights in the workplace.

Depending on where you work, you may have only one Steward or you might have a team of people representing you. Whether one or many, a Union Steward has a number of responsibilities and it can be a difficult – but rewarding – position to take on in addition to regular work duties.

Your Stewards are responsible for building a strong Union in the workplace and making sure your employer abides by the terms of your Collective Agreement.

From the introduction of new employees to the Union and their agreement, to regular check-ins with departments and other employees, your Union Steward is someone most people at work know and see often. They create connections and unity among the Members in the workplace.

When Members are connected and engaged with each other and with their Union, it creates strength and power. This group is harder to divide in tough times because the Members have a strong bond and they support each other.
Your Steward is a mediator between employees and the boss because not everyone is comfortable with confrontation and dispute resolution. They will take your concerns or grievances to the employer, file a formal grievance when necessary, and work to resolve the issues.

The grievance and arbitration procedure is an important part of your collective agreement.

There are steps and timelines to follow, and your Union Steward is familiar with all of those requirements. They can also request assistance from your Union Representative to deal with issues as well.

By enforcing your agreement, your Union Stewards help ensure your employer maintains a safe and healthy workplace. That means everything from respecting the role of your Health & Safety Representatives/Committee, to ensuring your employer follows procedures to deal with violence, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace.

They also make sure that any equipment, machinery, and other items needed in your particular role are available and in good working condition.

Make sure you know who your Union Steward is at work and that you know what protections are contained in your agreement. Because your collective agreement includes many things that help build a fair workplace. But those protections are only as strong as the enforcement of the agreement.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem to get to know them and be sure to bring any concerns you have to their attention immediately.

Your Stewards are there to listen to employee concerns, investigate breaches of the contract, find solutions to problems, and ensure fairness. They represent your interests with management and speak up when you’re not comfortable doing so.

If you want to be more involved in your Union, becoming a Steward or part of the Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) is a great way to start.

I encourage those that want to get involved to speak to your Union Representative to find out what steps to take.
I would also encourage all Members to take advantage of educational opportunities through the Union because you never know what might spark your interest.

I wish a happy holiday season to all who celebrate, and a safe and warm winter to everyone. Thank you to all of our Stewards and Members for being a valued part of this Union. All the best for the New Year.

In Solidarity,

Kelly Tosato
Secretary-Treasurer, UFCW Local 175


Local 175

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Kelly Tosato – Secretary-Treasurer
Karen Vaughan – Recorder


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Officers of Local 175

Shawn Haggerty – President
Kelly Tosato – Secretary-Treasurer
Karen Vaughan – Recorder
Rob Armbruster – Executive Assistant to the President
Sylvia Groom – Executive Assistant to the President
Jim McLean – Executive Assistant to the President


Officers of Local 633

Marylou Mallett – President
Brian Kozlowski – Secretary-Treasurer
Julie Hinsperger – Recorder

Region 1

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Workers’ Compensation Department
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Organizing Department
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Ricardo Bocanegra – Organizing Apprentice

Communications Department
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Training & Education call 1-800-267-1977
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Russel Evans – Training Representative
Tim Deelstra – Engagement & Media Relations Strategist

Pay Equity

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